Saturday, September 10, 2016


wow! these cookies took A LOT of time to do. but i loved it. i love doing themed cookies where i can basically have some sort of creative freedom. a customer asked for "sports" for her boyfriend's birthday, so ... sports is what i gave. ALL THE SPORTS. i have never done any sort of sport theme cookies for me - so it's always a bit terrifying when your trial-and-error doubles as your final product. i had about 3 days notice on these bad-boys, so there wasn't a terrible amount of time to do any practice rounds. but all-in-all i don't think they came out half bad. i find variety to be fun. i just wish i had enough icing tips and pastry bags... but these are the lessons learnt for next time. 

i also love the satisfaction of completing a task like this. where i basically have no idea what i'm going to do- or how it will all turn out for me. 40+ cookies done & dusted. 

OH. and yes.. i know that Philadelphia flyers are orange. the icing dried darker turning to more of a coral-y red shade. oops. like i said - lessons learnt. 


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